Toyota Employee Disability Claims with Cigna

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana, Inc. is an automobile manufacturing factory located in Gibson County, Indiana, in Princeton, Indiana. The closest biggest city is Evansville, Indiana. Toyota Indiana is owned by Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan.

The plants for Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana were built in 1996 in order to begin production of a full-size pickup truck solely for the U.S. Market. Toyota Indiana began production of the Tundrabegan in 1999 and Sequoia production began a year later for the 2001 model. Both the Tundra and the Sequoia were new to the market and have only been sold in North America. In 2009, Toyota Indiana began manufacturing the Highlander.

There are approximately 4500 employees of Toyota Indiana. At the O’Ryan Law Firm, we have represented numerous former Toyota employees who worked for many years at Toyota and then were forced to go out on disability when their medical conditions prevented them from working. The Toyota Motor Mfg. North America Long Term Disability Plan is an employee benefit plan administered in southern Indiana. The Long Term Disability Plan promises to provide Toyota Motor Manufacturing employees, as part of an employee compensation package, income replacement benefits in the event an employee becomes unable to work due to sickness or injury. All employees of Toyota are participants in the Long Term Disability Plan and therefore eligible to receive long term disability benefits if their doctor confirms that they are unable to work.

Cigna, or more specifically Life Insurance Company of North America (“LINA”) insures the long term disability coverage to participants of the Toyota long term disability Plan. LINA is an insurance company incorporated and headquartered in Pennsylvania and doing business in the State of Indiana. The Cigna (LINA) policy promises to pay disability benefits to employees of Toyota if they are unable to work due to sickness or injury.

Our Toyota clients, for the most part, have worked many years at Toyota in very physically demanding jobs. These type of jobs can wreak havoc with an employee’s back, shoulders, and knees given the incredible physical demands of the Toyota jobs and the repetitive nature of working at a production plant. For instance one of our recent clients was an Inspector at Toyota for more than 12 years. She was forced to stop working as a result of the debilitating effects of failed back syndrome, degenerative disc disease, thoracic radiculopathy, lumbar radiculopathy, cervical spondylosis, thoracic spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, and sacralgia. She received disability benefits from Cigna for almost 10 years until Cigna abruptly terminated her benefits. We were successful in resolving her claim with Cigna.

Cigna will take every opportunity to deny or terminate the disability benefits of Toyota employees. If you are a Toyota employee and are seeking disability benefits under the Cigna policy, make sure to seek regular medical treatment from your physicians. You will also need your physician to certify that you are disabled under the terms of the Cigna policy. Without this proof, you face the denial of your claim by Cigna. If you are a Toyota employee whose long term disability benefits have been denied by Cigna, please contact the O’Ryan Law Firm at (855) 778-5055 to discuss your claim further.

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