O’Ryan Law Firm Obtains Reinstatement of Disability Benefits for Pharmaceutical Sales Representative After Liberty Mutual Terminated Her Benefits Despite an Extensive List of Medical Conditions

Shanna was a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative with a large international pharmaceutical company for seven years until late 2014, when she was forced to stop working after undergoing surgery to remove a neuroma from her right foot. Since that time, Shanna has been diagnosed with a host of additional conditions that leave her unable to return to work, including complex regional pain syndrome (“CRPS”), osteoporosis, osteopenia, degenerative joint disease, degenerative arthritis, advanced osteoarthritis with heterotopic ossification of the jaw requiring bilateral arthroplasty of the temporomandibular joints, spontaneous intracranial hypotension subsequent to cerebrospinal fluid leak, and level 3 chronic kidney disease. Shanna also suffers from severe chronic intractable migraines, which have significantly worsened over the past five years.

As a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, Shanna was required to frequently travel to medical facilities, often walking long distances throughout the facilities to reach the physicians and staff members with whom she would be speaking. Her job required significant time on her feet, often without the opportunity to take breaks as necessary. As Shanna’s conditions became progressively debilitating, it became increasingly difficult for Shanna to keep up with the volume of sales calls necessary to sustain her position. When she was unable to continue working, Shanna filed claims for short term disability (“STD”) and long term disability (“LTD”) benefits under policies provided by her employer. Both claims were approved, and Liberty Mutual paid her long term disability benefits for more than three years without any issues.

Unfortunately, in early 2018, Liberty Mutual began seeking to terminate Shanna’s benefits, contacting several of her medical providers to request confirmation that she could return to work in a sedentary capacity. Although Shanna’s physicians disagreed, Liberty nonetheless terminated her benefits in October of 2018 based on a critically flawed report by an “independent” reviewing physician hired by Liberty to evaluate Shanna’s claim.

After her benefits were terminated, Shanna hired O’Ryan Law Firm to represent her to appeal the termination of her LTD benefits. We gathered substantial additional supportive medical evidence, including strong supportive statements from multiple treating physicians, and compiled an appeal of Liberty’s termination of Shanna’s LTD benefits. Shanna’s treating physicians provided excellent support for her appeal, and her medical records made it clear that she continued to suffer from extensive, severe symptoms related to her numerous medical conditions, leaving her unable to perform the material duties of her own occupation or any other occupation for which she was qualified by education, training, or experience.

After O’Ryan Law Firm appealed the termination of Shanna’s benefits, Liberty acknowledged that its decision to terminate Shanna’s benefits was incorrect. Upon reaching this decision, Liberty issued a lump sum check for all of the back benefits owed to Shanna and reinstated her monthly benefits going forward.

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