MetLife Sued for Termination of Disability Benefits

O’Ryan Law Firm, on behalf of Plaintiff, Jilian F., recently filed a federal lawsuit against Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (“MetLife”) in an attempt to reinstate the Plaintiff’s disability benefits claim. The Plaintiff was employed as a Marketing Communication Specialist with Landis + Gyr, which made her eligible for disability benefits under the Cellnet + Hunt Employee’s Welfare Benefit Plan (the “Plan”). In Jilian F. v. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and Cellnet + Hunt Employee’s Welfare Benefit Plan, the Plaintiff filed a lawsuit to gain the long-term disability benefits she was entitled to under the terms of the MetLife policy.

Facts of the Case Against MetLife

Plaintiff was employed by Landis + Gyr until she became disabled in 2011 due to the disabling effects of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, cervical degenerative disc disease and cervical radiculopathy, severe neck pain, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and paresthesia.

Plaintiff filed an application for long term disability benefits and was paid disability benefits by MetLife from August 2013 to September 17, 2014.

MetLife Terminates Long-Term Disability Benefits

On September 17, 2014, MetLife wrongfully terminated the Plaintiff’s long-term disability benefits. Plaintiff, represented by the O’Ryan Law Firm, then filed an administrative appeal with MetLife challenging the termination of her disability benefits. With this appeal, the Plaintiff included significant medical evidence to prove that she continued to meet the definition of Disabled under the MetLife policy. However, MetLife refused to overturn their decision to terminate the benefits. As a result, the Plaintiff was forced to file a lawsuit under ERISA in federal court against MetLife to obtain the benefits due her under the MetLife policy.

Plaintiff Seeks the Following Relief From This Lawsuit

MetLife’s wrongful actions have caused the Plaintiff to seek the following relief from this Court:

 A judgment that requires MetLife to pay all long-term disability benefits that are due, along with all accrued interest.

 A judgment that the Plaintiff’s eligibility for future long-term disability payments be reinstated.

 A judgment that the Plaintiff will continue to receive future long-term disability payments for as long as Plaintiff remains eligible under the terms of the Plan.

 A judgment that MetLife will pay for all reasonable attorney fees.

 A judgment that MetLife will pay for all associated court costs.

If MetLife has denied or terminated your disability benefits, contact the O’Ryan Law Firm to discuss your options in pursuing your benefits under your MetLife policy.