Disabled Purdue Employees

Over the years, we have represented numerous employees of Indiana colleges and universities who have become disabled because of serious illnesses such as diabetic neuropathy, lyme disease, degenerative disk disease, multiple sclerosis and lymphoma. A large number of those clients were disabled Purdue employees who had worked for Purdue University for many years, some even decades, before reaching the point where they were no longer able to work because of their medical conditions. Purdue has a very generous employee benefit package so our clients were very surprised and extremely disappointed when their disability claims were either denied outright or prematurely terminated by the insurance company.

stock-photo-3175050-bell-tower.jpgPrudential Insurance Company previously insured Purdue’s long term disability program and now Cigna is the insurance carrier for the Purdue long term disability program, or more specifically Cigna’s subsidiary Life Insurance Company of North America. Many Purdue employees have contacted our office after Cigna denied their claim upon their initial application or when Cigna terminated the benefits before the individual was truly able to return to work.

Cigna typically hires consulting physicians, who never examine our clients, to review the person’s medical records and conclude, contrary to the treating physicians, that the client does not have any restrictions or functional impairments. Cigna then relies upon the conclusions of the consulting physicians to deny legitimate disability claims.

The consequences of Cigna denying a Purdue employee’s claim for disability benefits are severe. Under the Purdue employee benefit program, disabled Purdue employees continue to receive medical coverage, life insurance coverage, tuition reimbursement for their kids that attend Purdue and retirement annuity deposits. When Cigna wrongfully denies a Purdue employee’s disability claim, all of those benefits immediately disappear. The disabled Purdue employee will no longer have the medical coverage they need for treatment, they will lose their life insurance coverage, be required to pay full tuition for their kids and lose retirement contributions. As a result, Cigna’s denial can have a dramatic impact on the life of a disabled Purdue employee.

The O’Ryan Law Firm has successfully handled the appeals and lawsuits of Purdue employees against Cigna when Cigna has wrongfully denied their disability benefits. If you have received a denial letter from Cigna, or Life Insurance Company of North America, please contact us so that we may discuss your best strategy for moving forward with your disability claim.