Aetna Life Insurance Company Sued By Amazon Employee For Denial Of Long Term Disability Benefits

O’Ryan Law Firm, on behalf of Plaintiff, Kimberly G., recently filed a federal lawsuit against Aetna Life Insurance Company (“Aetna”).   Plaintiff was employed by Amazon Corporation, as a warehouse worker, which made her eligible for Amazon’s employee benefit plan.  Aetna issued the disability policy that provides long term disability benefits to Amazon employees who are unable to return to work due to a serious illness or injury.

Facts of the Case Against Aetna

Plaintiff was employed by Amazon from July 2012 until she became disabled in July 2016.  Plaintiff was unable to work due to significant bladder issues, including incontinence, due mainly to a surgical procedure that compromised her bladder. The Plaintiff’s treating physicians provided objective medical proof that the Plaintiff was unable to continue working due to these ailments.

Aetna denied Plaintiff’s claim for disability benefits on January 24, 2017.  Plaintiff appealed Aetna’s decision through the internal appeal process offered by Aetna and supplied additional medical proof that her severe bladder issues made it impossible for her to work.  Despite this information, on March 2017, Aetna upheld their decision to deny Plaintiff’s long term disability benefits.  However, the medical records establish that Plaintiff suffers from bladder issues and incontinence rendering her unable to continue working in any occupation.

Lawsuit Filed Against Aetna

The terms of the lawsuit found that Aetna intentionally and without reasonable justification denied Plaintiff’s disability benefits in violation of the Aetna policy and ERISA. Plaintiff’s physicians reported to Aetna that Plaintiff suffers from incontinence caused by severe bladder issues caused by surgery.  Plaintiff’s treating physicians submitted multiple objective medical evidence outlining her disability and her inability to return to work.

Plaintiff’s treating physicians’ opinions were dismissed by Aetna in favor of a contracted physician who had never met or examined Plaintiff.

Aetna refuses to pay the claim contending that the Plaintiff’s condition is not severe enough to prevent her from working.  Of course, they did not request an independent medical exam to reach this conclusion and misstated her doctor’s opinions regarding her condition.

Plaintiff Seeks Following Relief From This Lawsuit

The wrongful actions of Aetna Life Insurance Company have caused the Plaintiff to seek the following relief from this Court:

  • A judgment that requires Aetna to compensate Plaintiff for the unpaid disability benefits that are due, along with all accrued interest
  • A judgment that Aetna will pay for all reasonable attorney fees

If you are an Amazon employee and have been unjustly denied disability benefits by Aetna, or suffer from severe bladder issues warranting disability benefits, please contact the O’Ryan Law Firm as soon as possible for a free consultation on your Aetna claim.